Phillip Baker

I want to take this opportunity to thank you heartily for you and your company’s assistance in my search for a home. Having dealt with real estate agencies in 2004 during the ” bubble”, I was treated in a lackadaisical and demeaning manner; with SER Realty, that was most certainly NOT the case.

By chance, Andy Karpf, your associated real estate agent, was present at Debra Johnson’s mortgage/real estate seminar; I immediately recognized in him a personality that I could work with, and chose him (and your agency) to help me search for a home. I found Andy to be warm ad engaging, and completely responsive to my requests and needs. He never stopped smiling, and honored all his engagements and appointments with me. I believe him to have directly contributed in the success I had in finding that home that I needed.

I want to commend you for having the acumen of associating with Andy; I wholeheartedly endorse him in his present career, and feel sure that he will help you and your company t advance your business goals, not to mention serve a growing number of homebuyers in this post-bubble economy.

I wish the both of you well, and want to invite you to our housewarming to be help in the next few weeks. I know that you have moved on, and served many more clients since helping me to find my home; but I believe that you and Andy should share the ambience and goodwill that I and my extended family feel now that we have moved in.

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